Air i

Set on Black card, final dimensions W 28cm x H 36cm

Mixed media: Paper, Porcelain and gold luster glaze

Now Available for purchase at Partnership Editions

Kean’s collection ‘Alchemy and Mysticism’ explores the ancient practice of Alchemy. Colourful and textured miniature realms sit inside architectural structures that, in their crisp architectural precision, pay homage a practice that was once the pinnacle of advancement and discovery.

Within these delicately constructed tributes to classical architecture, Ruby uses ethereal imagery to explore the evolution of Alchemy. What was once the centre of scientific practice now predominantly evokes ideas of magic, healing and mystique.

Within the confines of her collages Ruby makes space for both aspects of Alchemy, playfully and beautifully combining bespoke handmade papers and glazed porcelain talismans. Each of the three dimensional collages captures the imagination and is titled with ceramic bunting flags, Ruby’s signature feature.

Now Available for purchase at Partnership editions